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If you want to create a course, membership site, or education program that truly changes lives

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    I have two Masters degrees in education: one in curriculum design and the other in instructional technology, along with over 30 years' experience in teaching and curriculum design. My education programs have reached thousands of learners and won national awards.

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    I'll show you how to design your course based on research into how people learn the exact type of material your course contains. I'll support you every step of the way in making your vision a reality. My service is custom-tailored to your specific learning-design situation and goals.

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    I'll help you make your course the best it can be, in the least time, with the least stress for you. I'll help you get your expertise out of your head and onto the web, where it can start making a difference for your learners and start making money for you.

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“I would absolutely recommend Rebecca’s products and services to anyone who wants to grow their business by reaching and helping more people. The Course Design Formula™ makes it simple for me to understand the different types of learning and how they apply to my business. I’ve gotten some seriously powerful coaching that has helped me see the value of what I know and what I can offer to my clients online. As I continue the process of developing my online business, I feel like I have a mentor and constant support in my journey. Rebecca will be your champion. She helps you believe in yourself, and helps you identify exactly what you have to offer. It gives me hope that there’s more out there for me for the future than I could have ever imagined. ”

Professional Organizer

Denise Williams

“Rebecca took something that was so hard for me, and made it easy. She broke the entire process down with thorough examples. She helped me see how everything fits together, demystified the technology behind the technique, and helped me realize I can do it! We’ve had numerous calls, and she is always focused on the outcome of the call to make sure it is  helpful to me in meeting my goals. I would recommend Rebecca's service to anybody who wants to create any type of online course because she has the instructional experience, she has the technical experience, she has the savvy of an educator and an online expert, all rolled into one. I look forward to each of our calls because I know that she’s a positive force in my life who is there to help me. She is there for the journey.”

Interactive artist and creator of the PuzzleArt™ Therapy System

Alli Berman

“My biggest challenge in creating an online course has been technology and getting it to work as I need it to. Rebecca’s help and coaching as I’ve struggled to get going in my course creation process has been above and beyond. She helped me focus on what needs to be done and how to do it efficiently. Her coaching style is friendly and firm, which is what I need. Instead of doing things for me she shows me how to do them myself by guiding me in the direction I need to take. I would absolutely recommend her services because the process used is important for learning how to structure courses, something I would say most of us are not overly good at. ”

Supply Management Consultant

Ruthanne Koyama

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    Your first session is free. After that, book individual 2-hour sessions at $500 each, or save money by choosing a cost-saving multi-session package. Read the course descriptions to select the package that works for you.

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