Get the most out of your session

  • Prepare

    Clarify and communicate what you want to get out of the coaching session.

  • Follow through

    Capture your insights and action items from the session so you can follow through step by step.

  • Review

    Access your session recording, screen captures and text notes in one convenient place,

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I'd love to help you achieve great results!

“It’s opened up the possibilities of what I can do with my business. It’s made me think differently about what I give people in person, vs how I can reach more people online, and increase my income especially as I get older and near retirement.”

“Rebecca’s help and coaching as I’ve struggled to get going in my course creation process has been above and beyond. Her coaching style is friendly and firm, which is what I need. I would absolutely recommend her services.”

“Rebecca took something that was so hard for me, and made it easy. She broke the entire process down with thorough examples. She helped me see how everything fits together, demystified the technology behind the technique, and helped me realize I can do it!”

Course curriculum

    1. Session Goals

    2. Reserve your coaching session time slot

    3. Session Recording Form

    4. Follow-through and action items

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A single session provides two full hours of coaching

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