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The Course Design Formula® Master Class
Hosted by   Rebecca Cuevas 
About this webinar In this webinar, I'm going to formally introduce myself and tell you the story of the Course Design Formula®. We'll dive into three secrets of effective online course design, and I'll share with you how I discovered the answers to these secrets, and how they can help you make YOUR course stand out from the crowd. What you'll learn * How to optimize your course structure * How to plan effective lessons * How to make your course engaging for your learners Stay to the end to receive a special offer I make only to attendees of this webinar!


My simple 5-step Course Design Formula® will help you

  • FAST

    • Launch your course sooner • Create raving fans and repeat customers • Grow your business

  • WELL

    • Express your vision • Grow creatively • Enhance your reputation • Create a legacy for future generations • Make a positive difference in the world


    • Save time • Save money • Save energy • Ensure your course delivers the transformation it promises

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The next cohort starts July 18th, 2023

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finish your online course?

Is it taking you FOREVER to

Are you struggling to figure out what to put into your course, what to leave out, and in which order? Do you feel like you're going around in circles, not making progress? The Course Design Formula® cuts through the stress and overwhelm and gives you a simple, step-by-step method to finish your course FAST. Not only that, but the formula adjusts and adapts to fit the EXACT type of material your course contains. If you'd like to see how the Course Design Formula® can help you quickly and easily create a high-quality, transformative course, click on the big red button below.

You want to get your online course outlined and DONE

Is this you?


  • You can't find the TIME to work on and finish your course.
  • You don't know where to start.
  • You feel stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated.
  • It feels like you'll never get your course DONE.

structure and build your whole course, FAST?

Wouldn't it be GREAT if there was a SIMPLE, EASY, SUREFIRE way to

Well, now there is! 

My simple, five-step Course Design Formula® takes the stress and guesswork out of online course design.

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Learn how with the Course Design Formula®!

Want to create an AMAZING online course?

start making a difference and start making money!

Finish your course FAST so you can

  • Set up your modules in less than an hour

    Stop agonizing and going around in circles about what to include in your course, and in which order. My research-based method shows you how to structure your course based on the way people learn the EXACT type of material your course teaches, best.

  • Make your lessons stand out

    Eliminate overwhelm and guesswork as you easily set up the lessons inside each module. Learn how to build success and engagement into EVERY lesson. Follow a tested method to ensure your course delivers an outstanding learning experience to your course participants.

  • Create raving fans and repeat customers

    Achieve your dream of sharing your expertise with people all over the world. Ensure your course DELIVERS on its promises. Become the online teacher you've always wanted to be. Make a powerful difference in the lives of your ideal target audience.

To take you from course stress to course bliss I will

The Course Design Formula® takes the stress out of online course design.

  • Guide you every step of the way

    I will support you in completing every aspect of your course, including individual one-on-one coaching. You'll receive the training and tools you need to create not only this course but any other course you decide to create in the future!

  • Simplify your course creation process

    Say goodbye to overwork, overwhelm, frustration, and stress. Experience the excitement of seeing your course come to life as you use fun, simple tools to set up your modules, lay out your lessons, and create your learning materials.

  • Ensure your course achieves its goals

    The Course Design Formula® adapts to the EXACT type of learning your course contains, guiding you every step of the way to make sure your course achieves its highest potential and fulfills the dreams you have for it.

"Everything about this course is amazing!"

Here's what Sonja Mitchell has to say:


Here's how we're going to

  • You'll get clear on the EXACT transformation your course delivers

  • You'll discover the SPECIFIC type of learning your course contains

  • You'll set up your MODULES based on how people learn YOUR material, best

  • You'll plan effective and engaging LESSONS

  • You'll select the optimal MEDIA to build every portion of your course

  • You'll get weekly live group coaching support

Who am I and how can I help?

About your instructor

I earned my BA with honors from Harvard University and hold two Masters Degrees in Education. My first Masters degree is in curriculum design and the second is in instructional technology. My professional and academic experience includes designing instruction for people of all ages, in contexts ranging from classrooms to workshops to field trips and tours. For 15 years I served as the education coordinator for public agencies in Southern California, where I designed, developed and delivered education programs to thousands of students in 12 school districts. The education programs I developed won national awards. I’ve spent the past ten years exploring the complex issue of how to take learning experiences that work well face to face, and translate them for online learning. My focus and expertise are in helping you make your subject matter engaging and easy for your learners to understand. It will be an honor to work with you to ensure that your online course achieves the hopes and dreams you have for it!

Rebecca Cuevas

Founder and CEO, Learn and Get Smarter, Inc.

make your course shine

The Course Design Formula® will

  • Skills

    The Course Design Formula® gives you instructional design skills without having to hire an instructional designer. Deliver an amazing learning experience to your target audience and make your course stand out from the crowd.

  • Serenity

    Discover the secret to designing your course with zero stress. Watch your course come to life and your lessons "pop" out in 3D. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are providing a high-quality product to your target audience.

  • Satisfacton

    Enjoy the feeling of completing a significant goal. Pass on your expertise to those you are here to serve. Provide your target audience with online learning experiences that magnetize them to your brand, creating positive reviews and repeat customers.


The next cohort launches July 18th, 2023.

The Course Design Formula® Master Course is a high-touch, high-level mastermind that guides and supports experts in developing their unique course content.

As  a learning community, we have developed a set of Course Welcome Documents to clarify the terms, guidelines, and expectations that all members of the course community hold ourselves and each other to.

These guidelines are in place to help everyone get the most out of this unique learning experience.

Please read them carefully and be sure you agree to the community guidelines, terms, and conditions.

As stated in the Course Welcome Documents, there are no refunds, so be sure you are ready to truly commit to creating an outstanding online course.

If you agree to the course guidelines, terms and conditions and are willing and able to commit to doing the work each week, contact the instructor to enroll.

Before enrolling, you will need to sign the Course Welcome Documents and schedule a private interview with the instructor about your specific situation, timeline, and goals.

If the course is the right fit for you, you can enroll now, get started  working on the self-paced action plans on your own schedule, and then participate in the live weekly meetings starting  July 18th, 2023.

Schedule your enrollment interview NOW using this link:

What people are saying

“The Course Design Formula® makes it simple for me to understand the different types of learning and how they apply to my business. Rebecca will be your champion. She helps you believe in yourself, and helps you identify exactly what you have to offer. Denise Williams, Professional Organizer”

“Rebecca took something that was so hard for me, and made it easy. She broke the entire process down with thorough examples. She helped me see how everything fits together, demystified the technology behind the technique, and helped me realize I can do it! Alli Berman, Interactive Artist and creator of the PuzzleArt™ Therapy System”

“This course is fantastic. It has given me a different perspective of my course having taught it live for 25 years. The encouragement is awesome: I feel like my whole life’s work is converging to this online magic and I can’t wait to see what happens. Alison Heller-Ono, Certified Management Consultant, President and CEO of Worksite International, Inc. ”

"I learned a lot, and I feel confident about making my own course now"

Here's what Alli Berman has to say

"It is so systematic and organized, that you cannot make a mistake"

Here's what Neerja Ahuja has to say

Read the book!

Find out what makes the Course Design Formula® work so well!

Is the Course Design Formula® for you?

  • You don't have time.

    The Course Design Formula® takes you from not HAVING time, to not NEEDING time. I've spent the past ten years (and gotten a second Masters degree) figuring out how to create online instruction in a way that is easy, fast, and fun...and I've condensed it all into the Course Design Formula®. If your goal is to create an online course so you can have more freedom and flexibility in how you spend your time, then learning the Course Design Formula® is the most effective way I've discovered to get you to that goal, FAST.

  • You don't have money.

    You're creating an online course as a way of earning money, amiright? But your course can't earn money if it's not finished and launched... and it can't earn GOOD money if it's not well designed to deliver results. The Course Design Formula® will help you get your course ready to launch in minimum time, and it will ensure your course delivers a high quality learning experience. If you're building an online course as a way to make money, it pays to design it right, build it fast, and finish it NOW. And then, you WILL have money!

  • You're already taking a big, comprehensive course on how to have an online course.

    I'm in several of those comprehensive courses too (perhaps I've seen you there) and while they are all great, I have not seen one yet that goes into depth about how to design and structure your course modules and lessons. As a result, many people (perhaps like you?) get stuck at the point where it's time to outline and build their course. There's a huge difference between creating an outline to share something you know, and creating an outline that will help someone else learn what they don't know. When you're offering an online course, you are promising to teach people things they don't know. If you'd like to learn how to quickly and effectively set up your course to teach people things they don't (yet) know, then you need the Course Design Formula®. What you learn here will not compete with or contradict anything you are learning in those other courses, but it will help you get to the later stages of those courses faster -- the stages where you are learning how to launch, market, and sell an online course that you’ve already built.

  • You need to do market research before you can build your course.

    Absolutely! Market research is critical. The Course Design Formula® can help you at various stages of your market research process. Before you begin to conduct market research, the Course Design Formula® can help you structure and outline your expertise in multiple different ways (without actually building any of the courses out). This will give you options you can test with your target audience to see which will work best to develop into a course. After you’ve conducted your market research, the Course Design Formula® can help you use what you’ve learned from your research to set up a pilot course. After your pilot, the Course Design Formula® will help you completely design and build the full version of your course. If you have a course online already, that needs revision, the Course Design Formula® can make that a quick and simple process. And if you are already teaching material face to face that you want to put online, the Course Design Formula® can help you turn your offline content into online content that is dynamic and engaging, while avoiding the many pitfalls that are easy to fall into when adapting face to face content for online learning.

  • You're an expert on your course topic.

    Being an expert makes it hard to see what your future course participants, who are NOT experts in the topic, will need help understanding. (The name for this condition is the “Expert Blind Spot”). The Course Design Formula® gets past the expert blind spot by helping you structure your expertise for the way non-experts learn the specific type of material your course focuses on, best. The Course Design Formula® makes it easy for you to set up your course, from the beginning, in ways that help your target audience best appreciate and benefit from your expertise.

  • You've already spent too much time and money on training that didn't work.

    BINGO! It's unfortunate that what you've experienced is true of far too many online courses... because they were not designed in ways that help people learn. You know the frustration and heartbreak that comes from investing in online training programs that don't work as promised. Before you give up on online learning entirely (which would be counter-productive considering you're in the process of creating online training YOURSELF, right?) ... before you give up, dive into an online training program (this one!) that does work to deliver the transformation it promises. More important, learn how to ensure that YOUR online course is one that your future course participants remember with gratitude and appreciation as a transformative learning experience that helped them achieve their goals. If doing that is one of YOUR goals, the Course Design Formula® is here to help you achieve it.

  • You need help SELLING your course, not building it

    If you've already built an effective and engaging online course, and the only help you need now is to learn how to market and sell it, I won't be able to help you because I'm not a marketer. But ...if you want to build a product that is very high quality, whose selling points you can easily describe, and that really delivers on its promises, then stay right here. I can't teach you how to sell your course, but I can help you make a course that is so powerful and transformative that it goes a long way towards selling itself.

  • You already teach this material in a face to face setting.

    Ironically, being very close to your material through teaching it face to face, can actually make it harder to see what needs to be changed and adapted for online learning. The Course Design Formula® will save you time, heartache, and trial and error guesswork in adapting your face to face instruction for online learning. You can do it the hard way (like I did), or you can take the short, fun, fast and easy road that I’ve built for you, to create an online version of your program that will WOW your target audience with the same high standards of delivery that you’re already known for.

  • You don't need to take a course to help you outline and build your online course. You can do it yourself.

    Excellent! (Why haven't you, again?)

 Course Design Formula® is a registered trademark of Learn and Get Smarter, Inc.

What people are saying: reviews

Edris Tucker

5 star rating

“Rebecca is an unbelievably generous, warm, intelligent, and effective Transformer. She teaches her students to become Transformational Educators in the Online Space. If you are an expert and think you have an online course in you, particularly if ...”

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“Rebecca is an unbelievably generous, warm, intelligent, and effective Transformer. She teaches her students to become Transformational Educators in the Online Space. If you are an expert and think you have an online course in you, particularly if you have taught in person, it is not the same process. Neither is it as simple as you may think from all the folks spouting "make a cajillion dollars selling online courses, yesterday!" Rebecca has crafted a unique methodology and exudes the love she has for learning and for her students every day. You will come away changed.”

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Dilcia Granville

5 star rating

“I found clarity. and able to formulate my goal”

“I found clarity. and able to formulate my goal”

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Morgan Jones

5 star rating

“I now feel more obligated to craft a customer experience that is clear and coherent. My need to get my expertise off my chest is a far lower priority to me. I want to make sure I consider the domains of attitude changes, cognitive skills, movement...”

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“I now feel more obligated to craft a customer experience that is clear and coherent. My need to get my expertise off my chest is a far lower priority to me. I want to make sure I consider the domains of attitude changes, cognitive skills, movement skills, verbal info, and intellectual skills each time I prepare a lesson. It was interesting to me when there were annotations about domains that required ongoing support. (I'd be interested to see which domains don't require as much ongoing support.)”

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