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    Experience the digital version of a gorgeous, full-color, coffee table quality physical book. You can turn the pages, search within the book, zoom in or out.

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    Part 1 of the workbook guides you through principles that will make ANY course shine, online. Part 2 allows you to focus on the EXACT type of learning your course provides.

  • Fillable PDFs

    Each workbook includes a downloadable PDF you can fill in on your own computer, to help you completely plan and build your course.

Course curriculum

    1. How to use the workbook

    1. Workbook Part 1 (applies to any online course)

    1. What type of information does YOUR course teach?

    2. Verbal Information Course Workbook

    3. Attitudes (Mindset) Course Workbook

    4. Cognitive Strategies Course Workbook

    5. Intellectual Skills (How-to)Course Workbook

    6. Motor Skills (Movement) Course Workbook

    1. Pick the right media for each lesson

    2. Media Types Planner

About this course

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Each workbook includes:


  • a coffee-table quality flipbook
  • a fillable PDF
  • a printable Word doc

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