6 workbooks in one!

The complete step by step guide to creating ANY kind of online course

  • Gorgeous flipbooks

    Experience the digital version of a gorgeous, full-color, coffee table quality physical book. You can turn the pages, search within the book, zoom in or out.

  • Multiple versions

    Part 1 of the workbook guides you through principles that will make ANY course shine, online. Part 2 allows you to focus on the EXACT type of learning your course provides.

  • Fillable PDFs

    Each workbook includes a downloadable PDF you can fill in on your own computer, to help you completely plan and build your course.

Course curriculum

  • 01


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    • How to use the workbook

  • 02

    Workbook Part 1 (applies to any online course)

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    • Workbook Part 1 (applies to any online course)

  • 03

    Workbook Part 2 (Select the version that matches YOUR course)

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    • What type of information does YOUR course teach?

    • Verbal Information Course Workbook

    • Attitudes (Mindset) Course Workbook

    • Cognitive Strategies Course Workbook

    • Intellectual Skills (How-to)Course Workbook

    • Motor Skills (Movement) Course Workbook

  • 04

    Build out your course

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    • Pick the right media for each lesson

    • Media Types Planner

Each workbook includes:


  • a coffee-table quality flipbook
  • a fillable PDF
  • a printable Word doc

Create any kind of course

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