Let me guess...

  • Do you feel like you’ll NEVER get your online course DONE?

  • Do you know so much about your topic, you can't decide where to even START?

  • Are you confused about WHAT TO PUT IN to your course, and WHAT TO LEAVE OUT?

  • Are you SICK OF BEING TIRED, STRESSED, AND OVERWHELMED about how to set up your course?

  • Do you STRUGGLE with getting your course material OUT OF YOUR HEAD and ONTO THE WEB?

Hi, I'm Rebecca Cuevas.

Listen, I get it. I’ve been EXACTLY where you are and I know from experience that it takes most people YEARS to create a successful online course… if they ever do. And yet we all watch those maddening commercials whizzing by, telling us we can be “Making six figures with online courses in only 90 days!” Yeah, right.

I didn’t just get interested in online courses because suddenly they’re all the rage. I’ve been holed up in my apartment for the past TWELVE YEARS, working on figuring out a world-class, research-based method of online course design that will make it fast, easy and fun for anyone to teach anything online…in a way that really WORKS. And by works I mean, you have an idea for an online course, you follow my simple step by step method , and your idea turns into an elegant example of excellent education that really works to deliver positive transformation to the people you’re here to serve. Eureka!

After 12 years of working 18 hour days… I FOUND IT…a way to structure any course, on any topic, easily, fast and well.

My proprietary research-based Course Design Formula® helps experts in any field create any course they want, in record time.

My students and coaching clients get amazing results with THEIR courses… reaching people all over the world, making a powerful difference in their respective fields, and pivoting on a dime when need be due to the pandemic. They have the confidence, support and skills to create any course they need to, fast.

I’ve now distilled the essence of this process, to bring you great results in a short period of time at a fraction of the cost of my high-end products and services. You’ll follow the same process I use with my private one-on-one coaching clients, and cover some of the same topics I cover in depth in my high-touch mastermind… and you’ll get to do it all in just a few days, at any time that works for you..

If you need, want, or are under pressure to complete your course outline, this five-day challenge was literally made for you.
  • Structure your course

    You're about to say goodbye to guessing what to put into your course, and in which order.I'll guide you in setting up your course to deliver powerful learning, BEFORE you've even created your first lesson. Make your course stand out from the crowd using research-based best practices to optimize learning. Soon you'll know how!

  • Create effective lessons

    The techniques you're about to learn in this course will make planning and building the lessons in YOUR course, a breeze! Say goodbye to guesswork about what to put into a lesson and how to teach it. You'll be clear on the exact content that needs to go into each lesson, and the ideal media to use to make learning from each part of your course a graceful, enjoyable experience for your course participants.

  • Make it engaging and fun

    You're about to delve into the techniques that help you turn your learners into raving fans and repeat customers. Using research into what motivates people to learn (in general) and applying that to what motivates YOUR course participants (in particular), you'll learn how to build motivation and engagement into every aspect of your course design. You're about to learn how to make your course amazing!

Let's do this!

Click the button below to enroll now and get started outlining your course!

"It is so systematic and organized, that you cannot make a mistake"

Here's what Neerja Ahuja has to say

In only five days you will:


    -- so it DELIVERS the transformation people are willing to pay you for


    --so it provides the EXACT type of learning your students, clients, and customers want and need


    -- so you can actually start BUILDING it and get it out there into the world--where it can make a difference for the people you're here to serve

Get INSTANT ACCESS including any updates for just $47 USD and FINALLY get your course outlined!.

Get your knowledge out of your head and into a course outline!

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"I know I'm going to provide a better course...to get the best for my students"

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Here's How:

Quickly design an effective and engaging online course.

  • Structure your content in ways that promote deep learning and real transformation.

  • Know exactly what to put into your course, and what to leave out

  • Use learning design best practices that deliver powerful results

What people are saying: reviews

Edris Tucker

5 star rating

“Rebecca is an unbelievably generous, warm, intelligent, and effective Transformer. She teaches her students to become Transformational Educators in the Online Space. If you are an expert and think you have an online course in you, particularly if ...”

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“Rebecca is an unbelievably generous, warm, intelligent, and effective Transformer. She teaches her students to become Transformational Educators in the Online Space. If you are an expert and think you have an online course in you, particularly if you have taught in person, it is not the same process. Neither is it as simple as you may think from all the folks spouting "make a cajillion dollars selling online courses, yesterday!" Rebecca has crafted a unique methodology and exudes the love she has for learning and for her students every day. You will come away changed.”

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Is this challenge for you?

  • You've been struggling to get your course outlined-- for a LONG time, now!

    This challenge will help you outline your entire course, in the space of a few days. It's specifically designed to laser-focus your course creation process and get you to the finish line as quickly as possible. So only sign up for this challenge if you are READY TO GET RESULTS.

  • You don't have money.

    You're creating an online course as a way of earning money, amiright? But your course can't earn money if it's not finished and launched... and it can't earn GOOD money if it's not well designed to deliver results.This challenge will help you get your course ready to launch in minimum time, and it will ensure your course delivers a high quality learning experience. If you're building an online course as a way to make money, it pays to design it right, build it fast, and finish it NOW. And then, you WILL have money!

  • You're already taking a big, comprehensive course on how to have an online course.

    I'm in several of those comprehensive courses too (perhaps I've seen you there) and while they are all great, I have not seen one yet that goes into depth about how to design and structure your course modules and lessons. As a result, many people (perhaps like you?) get stuck at the point where it's time to outline and build their course. There's a huge difference between creating an outline to share something you know, and creating an outline that will help someone else learn what they don't know. When you're offering an online course, you are promising to teach people things they don't know. If you'd like to learn how to quickly and effectively set up your course to teach people things they don't (yet) know, then you need Streamlined Course Creation. What you learn here will not compete with or contradict anything you are learning in those other courses, but it will help you get to the later stages of those courses faster -- the stages where you are learning how to launch, market, and sell an online course that you’ve already built.

  • You need to do market research before you can build your course.

    Absolutely! Market research is critical. You can use this challenge to set up a course outline and then TEST that outline with your future potential learners, clients, and customers. (It's easier to do market research when you and your future customers have a clearer idea of what you'd actually be OFFERING THEM, right?)

  • You're an expert on your course topic.

    Being an expert makes it hard to see what your future course participants, who are NOT experts in the topic, will need help understanding. (The name for this condition is the “Expert Blind Spot”). This five-day challenge gets past the expert blind spot by helping you structure your expertise for the way non-experts learn the specific type of material your course focuses on, best.

  • You've already spent too much time and money on training that didn't work.

    BINGO! It's unfortunate that what you've experienced is true of far too many online courses... because they were not designed in ways that help people learn. You know the frustration and heartbreak that comes from investing in online training programs that don't work as promised. Before you give up on online learning entirely (which would be counter-productive considering you're in the process of creating online training YOURSELF, right?) ... before you give up, dive into an online training program (this one!) that does work to deliver the transformation it promises. More important, learn how to ensure that YOUR online course is one that your future course participants remember with gratitude and appreciation as a transformative learning experience that helped them achieve their goals. If doing that is one of YOUR goals, outlining your course correctly will help you achieve it...and this five day challenge will help you outline your course both well and fast.

  • You need help SELLING your course, not building it

    If you've already built an effective and engaging online course, and the only help you need now is to learn how to market and sell it, let me refer you right now to Kim Garnett's amazing BrainyGirlU Thinkific Bootcamp program!
    Kim will teach you everything you need to know to get your course set up on Thinkific and ready to sell. If you DON'T have your course outlined and built yet, though, this challenge is the first and most foundational step you can take to structure a course that is so powerful and transformative that it goes a long way towards selling itself.

  • You already teach this material in a face to face setting.

    Ironically, being very close to your material through teaching it face to face, can actually make it harder to see what needs to be changed and adapted for online learning. Streamlined Course Creation will save you time, heartache, and trial and error guesswork in adapting your face to face instruction for online learning. You can do it the hard way, or you can take the short, fun, fast and easy road that I’ve built for you, to create an online version of your program that will WOW your target audience with the same high standards of delivery that you’re already known for.

  • You don't need a challenge to help you outline your online course. You can do it yourself.

    Excellent! (Why haven't you, again?)

Get INSTANT ACCESS including any updates for just $47 USD and FINALLY get your course outlined.

Get your knowledge out of your head and into a course outline!