I take the stress out of online course design

  • Set up your course FAST

    With my Course Design Formula™ you can structure your entire course in less than an hour.

  • Design your course WELL

    My process ensures your course will deliver real transformation for your course participants.

  • Get it done and have FUN

    Think of how great it will feel to have your course finished, launched, and making money for you.

How the course works

  • Weekly Zoom meetings

    We will meet for 14 weeks on Zoom. You are encouraged to attend live if possible, but the meetings will be recorded and posted in the course player for those who are not able to attend, or for you to review at any time during the course.

  • Interactive action plans

    This is where the magic happens. You'll see your course come to life and your lessons "pop" out in 3D in ways you could not have imagined before applying the Course Design Formula™.The action plans are yours to use both during and after the course to design any course, lesson, workshop or webinar you can dream up.

  • Ongoing support

    You get a full year of weekly live group coaching sessions (2 hours each) included for FREE. Experience the creativity and support that come from being part of a community of dedicated peers who are committed to achieving excellence in online course design.

Who am I and how can I help?

Instructor Bio:

I earned my BA with honors from Harvard University and hold two Masters Degrees in Education. My first Masters degree is in curriculum design and the second is in instructional technology. My professional and academic experience includes designing instruction for people of all ages, in contexts ranging from classrooms to workshops to field trips and tours. For 15 years I served as the education coordinator for public agencies in Southern California, where I designed, developed and delivered education programs to thousands of students in 12 school districts. The education programs I developed won national awards. I’ve spent the past ten years exploring the complex issue of how to take learning experiences that work well face to face, and translate them for online learning. My focus and expertise are in helping you make your subject matter engaging and easy for your learners to understand. It will be an honor to work with you to ensure that your online course achieves the hopes and dreams you have for it!

Rebecca Cuevas

Founder and CEO, Learn and Get Smarter, Inc.

Course Design Formula®

I can help you build your course FAST using the

The Course Design Formula® is the research-based five-step process I've created to help you build YOUR course in a way that is fast, effective, and fun. It's based on the research I conducted while earning my Masters in Instructional Technology, as well as my 30+ years of professional experience in education and instructional design. It's been tested with experts like you who are developing online courses, and it works every time to take the stress and overwhelm out of online course design. The Course Design Formula® will help you plan, design, and build your course fast as you:

  • Clarify the transformation your course delivers
  • Discover the type of learning your course contains
  • Structure your course based on how people learn that type of material best
  • Plan each of your lessons to promote maximum learning
  • Select the best media for every message your course delivers

The Course Design Formula® takes the stress, guesswork, and wasted effort out of building your course. This course has been set up to help you learn how to use the Course Design Formula® to quickly plan, design, and build your own online course. In 12 weeks you'll have not only the tools and systems you need to build the course you are working on now, but also any other course you decide to create in the future. 

The Course Design Formula® takes the stress out of online course design. Learn the Course Design Formula® and go from course stress to Course Bliss™.

It's like a day spa for your mind!

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome and Orientation

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    • Welcome to class!

    • Course Welcome Documents

    • Orientation

    • Join our community

    • Read the book

  • 02

    Find your course topic

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    • CLASS MEETING: June 16th 2020

    • Divide your expertise into digestible portions

    • Share your course topic

  • 03

    Find the starting point for your course

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    • CLASS MEETING: June 23rd 2020

    • Complete Action Plan A

    • Share your course starting point

  • 04

    Find the ending point for your course (the course goal)

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    • Complete Action Plan 1

    • Share your course learning goal

  • 05

    Discover your course's domain of learning

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    • Complete Action Plan 2

    • Share your course's learning domain

  • 06

    Set up your modules

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    • Complete Action Plan 3

    • Share your course's module structure

  • 07

    Lay out your lessons

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    • CLASS MEETING: July 21st 2020

    • Complete Action Plan 4

    • Share your course outline

  • 08

    Plan your first lesson

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    • CLASS MEETING: July 28th 2020

    • Complete Action Plan 5

    • Share your lesson Plan

  • 09

    Select your media

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    • CLASS MEETING: August 4th 2020

    • Complete Action Plan 6

    • Share your media decision(s)

  • 10

    Make your material easy to understand

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    • CLASS MEETING: August 11th 2020

    • Complete Action Plan 7

    • How will you reduce cognitive load in your lesson?

  • 11

    Make your material motivating

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    • CLASS MEETING: August 18th 2020

    • Complete Action Plan 8

    • How will you build motivational factors into your course?

  • 12

    Make sure your course participants are learning

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    • CLASS MEETING: August 25th 2020

    • Complete Action Plan 9

    • Share your rubric

  • 13

    Build your entire course

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    • CLASS MEETING: September 1st 2020

    • Complete Action Plan 10

    • Share your discoveries in the Facebook group.

  • 14

    What's Next?

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    • Domains of Learning Infographic

    • 9 Events of Instruction Infographic

    • Final Course Feedback

    • Next steps

  • 15

    Course Crafters Camp Kickoff Meeting

    Show Content
    • CLASS MEETING: September 15th 2020

    • Welcome to Camp!

    • The Course Crafters Camp™ experience

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