Before you create your course, you must:

  • Identify your target audience

    Your course is for real people, who need your help NOW. Find these people, talk to them, and learn what they want and need to learn from you. Feel a sense of relief as you receive confirmation that you are not creating your course in the void.

  • Select your course topic

    Discover what your target audience wants and needs to learn from you, and in which order. Based on your research, select the course topic that will best serve your future course participants' needs.

  • Determine your starting point

    Get clear on what your target audience already knows about your course topic. Understand their pain points and the transformation they want to achieve. Then start teaching your course by meeting them where they currently are.

Course curriculum

    1. Three things you must know before you create your course

    2. How this action plan will help

    3. How to use this action plan

    1. Imagine your ideal course participant

    2. What is a niche?

    3. Find your niche

    4. Create your customer avatar

    5. Find your future customers and start talking with them

    1. Find your course topic sweet spot

    2. What do your course participants NEED TO KNOW in order to learn from your course?

    3. Congratulations on your progress!

    1. Find out what your course participants already know about your course topic

    2. Analyze your interview results

    1. What if you can't get anyone to respond to your questionnaire?

    2. What if your learners are starting from all different places?

    3. What if your target audience wants help with things you don't want to help with?

    4. What if your target audience is at a much different place than you thought they would be?

    5. What if your course is about something no one has heard of before?

    1. Next steps

    2. Read the book

    3. Use the workbook

    4. Take the course

    5. Get one-on-one help

    6. Join our community

    7. Stay in touch!

About this course

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Meet your instructor

I earned my BA with honors from Harvard University and hold two Masters Degrees in Education. My first Masters degree is in curriculum design and the second is in instructional technology. My professional and academic experience includes designing instruction for people of all ages, in contexts ranging from classrooms to workshops to field trips and tours. For 15 years I served as the education coordinator for public agencies in Southern California, where I designed, developed and delivered education programs to thousands of students in 12 school districts. The education programs I developed won national awards. I’ve spent the past ten years exploring the complex issue of how to take learning experiences that work well face to face, and translate them for online learning. My focus and expertise are in helping you make your subject matter engaging and easy for your learners to understand. It will be an honor to work with you to ensure that your online course achieves the hopes and dreams you have for it!

Rebecca Cuevas

Founder and CEO, Learn and Get Smarter, Inc.

What people are saying....

“As an instructor, Rebecca is virtually tireless in supporting her learners. She is more committed to student success than anyone I’ve ever met or heard of. If you have ever toyed with the idea of creating an online course, know that yours will stand out from the crowd in effectiveness if you apply the knowledge that Rebecca shares. I would whole-heartedly recommend it to any would-be online course developer, even experienced classroom teachers. ”

“The biggest challenge was beginning, and then the second biggest challenge was following. Rebecca made it so easy by taking me through small steps for the entire process. She took the action of giving a course and broke it down so easily and with absolutely thorough examples, showing me how I could do it for myself. She changed the way I thought about this entire process, and I realized I can do it! ”

“Rebecca will be your champion. She helps you believe in yourself, and helps you identify exactly what you have to offer. I never saw a hands on service business like mine as something I could do online, but Rebecca’s methods and materials are clear and simple and apply to my service business. I would absolutely recommend Rebecca’s products and services to anyone that is wanting to grow their business by reaching and helping more people. ”

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An online course can help you make money and make a difference. And it only costs $27 to get started!